"Serving the community and public lands through preservation and education.".

Our Mission

The Buck Rock Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the tradition of fire lookouts and other historic facilities. Founders were motivated to form this association because of mutual concern over the neglect, abandonment and destruction of many historic fire lookouts.


Our mission is to preserve fire lookouts for the purpose of fire detection, education, interpretation and historic preservation.


Our vision is to create an atmosphere where the concept of stewardship of our conservation heritage can flourish with children and adults from all walks of life.


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Recent News and Updates

3/26/14: We're still working on upgrading our website; please excuse our mess. 

Our Newsletters

Our newsletters are available on-line and contain articles written by Buck Rock Foundation staff and supporters.


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Weather and Web Cams

Current weather and forecast for the Buck Rock area as well as links to local Agency web cams.


Buck Rock Area Weather & Web Cams

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