Why We Need Your Donation

Due to shifting priorities and an ever-decreasing budget, government agencies have cut back funding for staffing and maintaining locations like Buck Rock Lookout. The result is the deterioration, vandalism and destruction of many fire lookouts and other related facilities. The Buck Rock Foundation believes that the future of these historically significant buildings depends on action taken now. Our primary goal is to provide resources through funds and volunteers to ensure that our proud conservation heritage of fire detection lives on.


Help us preserve historic fire lookouts and provide related programs and services such as these:

Keep Our Lookouts Open

The operation of fire lookouts in the Kings River Watershed – Buck Rock, Delilah and Park Ridge - providing fire detection service to local foothill and mountain communities.

Rebabilitation of Historic Facilities

The maintenance and restoration of fire lookouts and other historic buildings. We have assisted with the rehabilitation of The Needles, Buck Rock, Delilah, Mt Tom, Fence Meadow and Beach Meadow Guard Station.

Train a Professional and Knowledgable Staff

A comprehensive training program for volunteer and seasonal fire lookouts.

Reach Out to Our Communities

Outdoor educational opportunities for elementary schools and local youth camps including interpretive programs and special events at Buck Rock Lookout.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to preserve fire lookouts for the purpose of fire detection, education, interpretation and historic preservation.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create an atmosphere where the concept of stewardship of our conservation heritage can flourish with children and adults from all walks of life.