About The Buck Rock Foundation

The Buck Rock Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the tradition of fire lookouts and other historic facilities. Founders were motivated to form this association because of mutual concern over the neglect, abandonment and destruction of many historic fire lookouts.

Our mission is to preserve fire lookouts for the purpose of fire detection, education, interpretation and historic preservation.

Our vision is to create an atmosphere where the concept of stewardship of our conservation heritage can flourish with children and adults from all walks of life.

Our Current Goals and Objectives

  • Restore fire lookouts and other historic facilities in accordance with all government and historical standards and guidelines.
  • Assist with the employment and training of dedicated personnel to staff fire lookouts for fire detection, radio communication and public information dissemination.
  • Provide a unique opportunity for public education through interpretation of the natural and cultural history of fire lookouts, other historic facilities and their environs.
  • Develop a volunteer program to engage community involvement and to provide logistical support for the achievement of the goals of the Foundation.
  • Facilitate the success of environmental education opportunities for the public to promote stewardship of our natural resource heritage.
  • Develop a plan for restored historic facilities to be utilized as centers or museums for the purposes of education, interpretation and public information dissemination.
  • Promote the historical significance of fire suppression through university history departments and historic preservation programs.
  • Develop a plan for the utilization of fire lookouts as wilderness outposts for needed wildlife observations and studies of endangered and threatened species.
  • Generate funds to accomplish the current and future goals and objectives of the Foundation.